Started this blog on a whim back in 2013, and I went on a super long hiatus – but I’m back now and I intend to post more tidbits of my life here. This blog is essentially my visual diary where I share with the vast internet world my passion for art (and food…lots of food) and fashion. The majority of my posts are outfit of the day’s and lookbooks, but you’ll occasionally see my “life update” posts after a period of straying away from this blog. I am easily inspired and awed by fellow style bloggers and artists, and I realized I wanted to put myself out there instead of wishing I could be one of them. As much as I love styling clothes and creating things it isn’t quite clear anymore what I want to do in the future and I’m hoping this blog will help guide me where I want to be. Something along the lines of people appreciating the “things” (clothes?? artwork?? i really don’t know…both!?) I create and somehow impact the world (or even just a smidge of the world) in a positive way.

Stayed tuned, many shenanigans coming your way~~

summer 2014 shoot 196




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