6 months later and I’ve finally decided to post this. My dress project started back in the summer of 2014, and even though I was completely done with it by October (just in time for Halloween) I struggled through countless technical difficulties to get the photos… but I’m here at last. At the beginning of this whole experience when my ideas were only notes and lazily drawn sketches I never thought I would or be able to execute a sewing project like this. I’m a rookie when it comes to designing, drawing patterns, and sewing. Especially sewing. So for a person who has only sewn maybe two skirts, a dress, and shorts this was a whole new level. I admit that halfway through the project- no, a third of the way through I whined, became frustrated, and cried. But to see my dress that I put so many hours (with the help of my lovely Grandma) and heart into in pictures makes me feel all fluffy inside.

The Floater. I’m not sinking but I’m not walking either, I’m right in between

portfolio 2015 crop 1portfolio 2015 crop 2portfolio 2015 crop 3

portfolio 2015 059portfolio 2015 060

portfolio 2015 047

portfolio 2015 062portfolio 2015 026I dedicate this piece to my grandma. Grandma, you have helped me immensely with this project from beginning to end. From guiding me through patterns, sewing techniques, and keeping me sane while I struggle I am so grateful. I am passive aggressive and moody and yet you never skip a beat to continue pushing me forward. So many times I was on the brink of losing it but from you I learned patience. Thank you a hundred times over from the bottom of my heart. Love you lots.

Medium: Fabric, chicken wire, faux pearls, white spray paint, bubble wrap

Makeup: Urban Decay Foundation, Maybelline Eyeliner, 24 hr Color Tattoo in Too Cool, Blue lipstick from Daiso, 88 Cool Matte Palette from Bh Cosmetics

To see my process in making this dress, click here.

Thanks for reading! xx Rino


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