Starting off the year with a bang. You know when you’re stuck in a slump and you finally realize to let things go and move forward? I had that epiphany today. I try to tell myself to just be who I want to be but often times that little voice in my head tells me to not be too outrageous, keep it cool so you still fit in with that crowd. There’s so many ways I would like to express myself visually (hence the fashion blog) but it’s tough when I put so many restrictions on myself. So the year is 2015 and I think it’s time I go my own way. The phrase, “YOU DO YOU” is something I constantly remind myself nowadays.

Alright now that my ramble is out of the way, this outfit has been my go-to look lately.

earpuff pics 171

Jacket: Zara

White Shirt: Urban Outfitters

Skirt: Thrift Shop

Tights: mum

Socks: Topshop

Shoes: Doc Martens, Three Eye Oxford

Earrings: Handmade

earpuff pics 193

earpuff pics 172

earpuff pics 182

earpuff pics 231

earpuff pics 235

Played with my eyeliner today to add a different touch. Lately I’ve been trying different lip colors and makeup looks, so far I’m stuck on dark lips.

Eyeliner: Maybelline Master Precise By Eye Studio

Lips: Rimmel in Bourdeaux

Foundation: Urban Decay Naked Skin in Shade 6

Highlighter: Benefit High Beam

Primer: Benefit “That Gal”

Setting Powder: Makeup Forever HD Powder

earpuff pics 203

What is your favorite winter piece at the moment? I’ve been wearing this leather jacket non-stop… Let me know in the comments below!

xx Rino

PC: Jennica


13 responses to “OOTD: HELLO, 2015 FT. ZARA & DOCS

  1. Love this style..it suits u..my fav piece would have to be long oversized cardigan…it’s just convenient for days when i can do without the sweaters or jumpers


  2. I love your style!! It’s daring and unique. My favourite piece this winter has got to be my knee high boots. They have kept my legs nice and warm plus, they go with almost everything in my wardrobe. I would love for you to check out my blog 🙂



  3. I am in lovee with your blog!! And this post is so cute I absolutely adore your leather jacket 😍 It’s summer where I am but my favourite winter item is knee socks xo


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