Alright it’s 1 AM and I’m ready to crash so here is one big photo dump and fan girl moment of Ingrid Michaelson and Mary Lambert aka my QUEENS. My first concert was crazy and fun and as cliche as it sounds it feels like a dream, I don’t believe that we even went to school today. Ingrid live was incredible, and I’m so happy she sang both old and new songs. Ingrid and Mary treated us to one holiday song and connected so well with the audience. Our nearly 2 hour trip to SF by train and 3 hour wait was all definitely worth it 🙂

I’ve been missing in action with the whole blogging thing so here’s an update: I snagged a new camera and a pleather jacket so I’m complete now and am not going to take either of the things off everrrrr.

And may I add, I’m completely new to this whole photography thing with a nice camera…I’ll be figuring out things along the way.

My outfit: Jacket-Zara, Shirt- Urban Outfitters, Jeans- (yas mom jeans)- Topshop, Booties/Socks, Topshop, Lipstick-Mary Kay’s Black Cherry

I honestly dress for comfort but I do deeply regret wearing my booties…no matter how comfy they are to me they just aren’t gonna last me 5+ hours of standing/walking. My feet were ready to give out by the end of the night. Oh well, we learn from our mistakes so I’ll keep that in mind for future concerts 🙂

When we finally saw the Warfield sign…people could have heard our muffled squeals and shouts of excitement from a mile away.
Mary Lambert wins as the cutest human being on earth. She wrote a poem called Body Love and I think everyone in the audience could really connect, it made me tear up and want to give her a big teddy bear hug. The things she sings about are so positive and uplifting, it’s nice to hear songs that are empowering as hers.
(Can I just add how lucky we were to be right in the front? It made the whole concert experience 10000x better. We shorties finally got the best view)
When the uke came out everyone flipped shit because when the ukulele’s out you know she’s gonna play You and I.
Ingrid’s style game is on point- velvet romper with sheer black tights topped with killer heels? I need her outfit.
I’ve taken a gazillion other photos of her (yes I was that annoying guy that took pictures at a concert with a dslr) but a lot of them were too bright and the security guard that stood right in front of the stage kept getting in the photo.

 Jennica and I’s 6th grade girl dream of seeing Ingrid perform live  finally came true and it still feels unreal. I can’t do her performance justice by just explaining it with words… the only thing I can say is that it was unbelievably wonderful and it’s amazing to finally see that she’s a real human being (and she sounds even better in person).

xx Rino

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