On Monday I ordered a bunch of products spontaneously- I felt like treating myself after saving some money from work and since it’s almost been a month since school started. I never bought anything from BH until now but most of the reviews I read for their products were positive so I knew I wasn’t going to be wasting my money.

Their products are all affordable and reasonable prices, here is what my receipt looked like:

1. Party Girl Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencil in “Star”- $5.00

2. BH Studio Pro Waterproof Eye Primer- $9.95

3. Eye and Lip Makeup Remover- $2.95

4. 10 pcs Eco Brush Set- $16.95

5. 88 Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette- $7.95

6. 88 Cool Matte Eyeshadow Palette- $7.95 

bh cosmetics haul 001


My products were packaged neatly and I was impressed that none of the eyeshadows cracked or broke while getting shipped.

Everything was shipped to me so quickly! Ordered them on Monday and they were here Friday- the perfect surprise after coming back from work. I tried all the products the second I opened the box (which explains why my brushes are blue…)

bh cosmetics haul 002

On the BH site there are so many different brush sets and the prices ranged but I settled on the Eco Tools Set after remembering how my friend recommended them to me. I’m glad I followed her advice because it has everything I needed (and the brushes are so soft!)


There are probably more drugstore primers out there that cost less than 10 bucks but I am not disappointed with this product at all. At first I kept pressing the pump and I couldn’t get any product but after a while (50-70? pumps) it worked 🙂 Without this stuff I don’t think the eyeshadows would be this pigmented.

bh cosmetics haul 003


Now I bought this super shimmer eyeliner especially for my mermaid look because I wanted to be able to draw bubbles on my body using a pencil. I haven’t tried drawing on my body with this yet but for now, I think this will do the job 🙂

bh cosmetics haul 004


I won’t be raving too much over this product because it’s like any other makeup remover, it does the job perfectly!

bh cosmetics haul 005


Now this is what I was most excited about receiving, I never was one to play around with makeup but lately I’ve been so drawn to colors and I wanted to experiment. I think $8 is a reasonable price for a beginner, this palette gives you more than enough variety of colors and you can play around with it without worrying about using up the product too quickly. I wasn’t gonna swatch all these, that would take too much time and SKIN but look forward to my future posts because I’ll definitely be using them.

bh cosmetics haul 006


Now this palette is similar to the previous one, it’s the matte based version of it. I’ve been experimenting with this one a lot more, I love all the different shades of blue and I think it’s the one color that works really well with my skin. With enough primer these shadows will show up pigmented and stay on.

bh cosmetics haul 007

That’s all for my BH cosmetics haul! I hope this review helped- I strongly recommend trying this brand. If you’re just starting out with makeup like me I think it’s a great place to start. As for the quality I think it is impressively nice especially when the products are so inexpensive.

Thanks for reading!

xx Rino

P.S What are your favorite makeup brands? I’m into really pigmented shadows and colored lips/eyes so if you know of any brands, please recommend me some 🙂 thanks!



  1. I love their eyeshadows, they have such a great variety of gorgeous colours! I really love your blog, your posts are all so beautiful and inspiring 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤


    • I am so flattered ❤ Your comment means a lot to me, especially because I've started to doubt my writing and blogging skills lately and I questioned whether or not to continue this blog. Thank you again for your lovely comment, expect more posts very soon 🙂


      • You should definitively keep blogging 😊 sometimes it can be hard, even me I feel lazy or I can have the writer’s block but you’ll be so happy that you kept going!


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