HAPPY FRIDAY~~~ I’m all about lists and this is my major one til the end of 2014. I’ve come to the conclusion that not all New Year’s Resolutions last/make it past February SO I’ve decided to give myself another chance and now I have 15 things to do (MUST do) before 2015. HERE WE GO:

1. Make a skirt (out of that left over holographic fabric) or knit a scarf

2. Finish the mermaid dress

4. Enter the recycled fashion showcase again

5. Put up an Etsy store (more details on that coming…soon)

6. Finish my sketchbook

7. Have at least 20 pieces in my portfolio

8. Go to San Francisco and HIT ALL THE THRIFT STORES

9. Start Drivers Ed…

10. Enter the PTA Reflections Contest

11. Enter the BH Cosmetics Halloween Makeup Contest

12. Enter the Scholastic Art Contest (seeing a pattern here eh?)

13. Rock climb more (and maybe become a member??)

14. Join the set team for drama (basically become more involved in school things)

15. and last but certainly not least… *be nice to your body and mind and TREAT YO SELF.

*this should be on everyone’s list, ALWAYS every single day that you are up and alive you should be kind to yourself 🙂


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