Maybe it’s because this is only the beginning of the school year but for once I don’t feel stressed and overwhelmed about things. Of course I have my classes where I struggle so much in (was taking physics honors really the best idea? I don’t know…) but you gotta have the negatives if you want the positives right? I’m starting to think it was a good idea that I only took 5 classes this year, it really lightens up the workload and I can focus a lot more on the subjects I need help on. AND I think the best point that results from all of this is that I now have so much more time to make things and sew 🙂 It’s been a while since I last touched my sewing machine but I am finally back on it and I’m trying to get that mermaid dress done. It feels so good to be able to do what I truly enjoy on a daily basis now. I’m trying to pick up on blogging more often now. This year has started with a completely different beginning but I think I am finally getting used to it and accepting that all this change is good. Not having dance team has its cons- I don’t dance as often, I don’t have that second group of people to go to besides my friends and family, and I’m not part of a team. I miss dance sometimes and I seriously need to get back to it (or some form of exercise…) or else I just won’t feel good about my body. BUT there’s also the pros-like being able to work and create things for my portfolio 🙂

Can I just add that working and earning your own money is a great feeling?? Like wow I can actually buy my friends and family presents without going to my parents for money 🙂 now someone should really control how much I spend…

This was one big emotional word dump but I promise to get actual posts going very soon!

xx Rino



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