This post is way overdue since this happened a month ago BUT better late then never because this marks a very special event in my art career.

It’s story time kids!

My mom volunteers at a place where she takes care of plants and tends gardens, and one day her friend gave her a bouquet of flowers. This was back sometime in spring, right before mother’s day. At the time I hadn’t bought anything for my mom and I was frantically trying come up with something the night before. I ended up oil painting the bouquet of flowers and giving my mom the picture- she loved it. She showed her friend who gave her the flowers and soon enough her friend was asking me for an art commission (since many of the people I’ve talked to don’t know what a commission is, here is google’s definition: give an order for or authorize the production of something such as a building, piece of equipment, or work of art.). She asked me to go to her house, pick flowers and plants from her garden and arrange it into something I can paint. Her plan was to gift it to her mom when she visited her.

And so my first art commission came unexpectedly and I was actually pretty nervous. I felt she had high expectations and I didn’t want to let her down, especially since she was going to give it to her mother.

singin in the rain 122

singin in the rain 126




It feels great to know when a piece of work you created from the request of someone actually fulfills their expectations (and you get paid for it!)

I think this was a great experience for me, especially as someone who is looking into the fine arts major/career in the future 🙂



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