Back to school means homework/studying/tests/STRESS and just about now is when I start wishing I was back in the beautiful land of Grand Canyon. This summer we visisted Arizona and I survived, 3 days away from the internet! Though I’m not gonna lie I definitely searched for service and proceeded to update my Instagram regularly. Most summer’s my family and I visit Japan to see all our relatives and friends back in Tokyo but this year my grandparents came to California. My grandpa’s wish was to go see the Grand Canyon before he dies and insisted this is the last time he can ride a plane so we flew to Las Vegas and drove from there (through fields of nothing-ness).

SUMMER 2014 061

SUMMER 2014 067SUMMER 2014 068

SUMMER 2014 087 SUMMER 2014 088 SUMMER 2014 091 SUMMER 2014 101 SUMMER 2014 178 SUMMER 2014 188 SUMMER 2014 189

These pictures of the canyon doesn’t do nature’s beauty any justice but hey it’s an attempt. I sketched a lot while I was there too, ironically not of the grand canyon but of the tourists I saw there. Take me back to the quiet place where I could just watch the sunrise and sunset everyday, I miss it.


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