I’m trying to spend the last week of my summer to it’s fullest potential, so naturally I went thrifting when a friend of mine invited me.



Mini outfit of the day for ya.

Tshirt- Uniqlo, Shorts & Knee Highs-Target,

Meet: CELINE. She has purple hair and likes One Direction. Also a super fun thrift shop buddy!

We didn’t…actually go to Boudin Bakery, here we’re having some donuts and Arizona Tea at Stan’s Donuts.

I walked into the thrift store with 40 bucks and expected to spend at least 20 (because lately “second hand stores” are all raising their prices to insane numbers) but I surprisingly left with 30 bucks left. Strangely enough, all the clothing pieces were labeled as $3.00 but the lady only charged us $1.50. This local thrift has by far the lowest prices and a pretty good selection, I would give it  8/10 stars 🙂


All  pieces were $1.50 each! I’ll be altering the ivory pleated skirt since it’s pretty big and for a short person that skirt is a lil too long. I’m thinking about posting a “how to hem/shorten your skirt” tutorial post but I honestly can’t promise anything once school starts.

**fun fact: the second I laid my eyes on the cardigan I knew I wanted it but right next to it was another one, nearly identical. Now Celine and I have matching cardi’s 🙂

I realize all the patterns I bought are for kids but I’ve grown used to altering them after working on my mermaid dress. I really would like to sew up a cute jumper 🙂

I’m in love with my tacky cat stickers and all this miscellaneous junk I snagged for a couple bucks. The wooden bear+baby pin+heart puffs will be turned into pins sometime soon.Also those barbie hands…maybe a crown?? The tinsel will most definitely be on a headband.

Adios lovelies, I’ll be back with a Back to School Lookbook-ish/Outfit of the Week shenanigan.

xx Rino



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