COSMETICS WISHLIST: Resisting impulse buying

I am the ultimate impulse buyer and it’s not a good thing. Obviously there have been a few times where I bought something on a whim and actually ended up loving it and getting a good wear/use out of them (like my Uniqlo tees). But 90% of the time, those pieces hide in my closet or are only worn once or twice.

Now my problem isn’t clothes but cosmetics. /sighs/. I honestly haven’t been too interested in makeup until recently, I realized how repetitive my everyday winged eyeliner has become and that I wanted to try something new.


screenshot shien 2

As of now, they only have lip products but I’m looking forward to the day they start selling eye and face products :).

screenshot shien

“While the seductive shades in our debut collection Viper’s Dream are formulated with gold and olive-toned Asian skin in mind–a first for any cosmetics brand–the chosen hues enhance a wide spectrum of skin tones, beckoning women to illuminate their natural beauty without searching far and wide for colors that complement their complexion.” -Shien


screenshot shanghai rose 1  screenshot shanghai rose 2

I honestly don’t know how accurate these photos are to show the color of the lipstick, but I am currently eyeing this product- Shanghai Rose by Shein.


screenshot shiro

Their product names are based on different fandoms, ENOUGH SAID. I desperately want every single eyeshadow and just paint my face into this colorful wonderful thing. I had loooooong list of swatches I went through and put in my shopping bag, only to look at the price and cry because a girl like me at this age just cant afford to spend 100’s of dollars on makeup 😦 It’s okay, the day will come-not yet but someday!

shiro 1 shiro 1.2

Alkahestry by Shiro Cosmetics

If anyone has tried makeup from either of these two brands, please comment and let me know if you recommend anything 🙂

Happy cake facing!






3 responses to “COSMETICS WISHLIST: Resisting impulse buying

  1. I love Shiro Cosmetics. They have quality products and excellent service. You can also buy sample bags of whatever eyeshadow you want for I think maybe $1.


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