The Can Tab Princess: RECYCLED FASHION

The long wait is over! I finally got shots for my recycled fashion piece that I entered for the Greenlight Film & Fashion festival. The theme of the event was to create a fashion piece made out of recycled material. Can tabs were the center of my piece and in addition I used white tulle and a silver crop top, both of which were from my old dance costumes.

This piece took  roughly 6? 7? hours to make, most of the time was spent  sewing on every single can tab for the top. My final product was quite different from what I had in mind in the beginning, but I am very much satisfied with the outcome.

summer 2014 shoot 243

summer 2014 shoot 244 summer 2014 shoot 245

summer 2014 shoot 247    summer 2014 shoot 248   summer 2014 shoot 252summer 2014 shoot 254 summer 2014 shoot 262 summer 2014 shoot 260

Maddy and I played around with different backdrops, inside my little pink walled bathroom and then right outside my house where I usually have my shoots. I’m really happy I finally got to post this even though it’s months too late. This “dress” is actually a top- I wore a black mini skirt under it to show the asymmetric shape.

A very big thank you to Maddy for coming out in the morning to take all these pictures and having the patience to listen to all my suggestions.

Hope you all enjoyed, stay tuned for more outfit posts coming very soon 🙂




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