OOTD: happy birthday, sister!

It scares me to see how fast my little sister (who isn’t so little anymore) grow up year by year. Today she graduated elementary school and it was also her 11th birthday- double the fun for her. She reminds me that she is now a “preteen”  (oh god that word irks me) and that she is ready as ever to go to middle school. With preparations for her birthday party and what not it was a crazy hectic day and I opted for comfy Jellies and shorts.

And then I changed to go eat a casual dinner… because I am indecisive and that’s just what I do.

I apologize for my lack of nice quality posts…I keep promising lookbooks and more post ideas but I just haven’t got around them yet, soon though! very soon~~
This is completely off topic but the best thing since school was let out happened

Yes the mermaidens commented on my little drawing of her. SHE CALLED ME A SWEET PEA. /dies of happiness and floats away in embarrassment/ I could not believe my eyes when I realized she actually show my picture, it gives me motivation to become a better artist and hopefully, in the near future paint something better for her.

Hope you are all having a lovely summer, staying cool in nicely air conditioned rooms.



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