First day of summer: I’m back at school.

It is officially summer vacation but I spent most of the day at school for club activities. Originally I was kind of upset that I was gonna be spending my first day back at school but I’m actually kind of glad I was there doing productive things. If I stayed home who knows how many hours I might have spent watching tv or sleeping. A tv binge is nice every once in a while but when it happens on a daily basis I start to question my existence and that just maybe I should do something productive with my life. I am happy to say that I spent my day with fun people and more doodles.





this drawing is dedicated to Mermaidens, who is one of my biggest fashion inspirations. She has the cutest darn blog and she always comes up with gorgeous looks… I am so jealous of how perfectly she pulls off candy pink hair.





My friend let me borrow these because we were making grad posters… I think my first paycheck may go to these. So much for saving /sigh/.




We’re only 6 days into June and I’ve got 5 posts down, I’m on a roll 🙂



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