One more day: summer is around the corner

Here’s another post dedicated to my lame snapchats because they’re able to depict my life better than my words.


Haven’t finished coloring but I’m getting there.



Everyone should know this joke it’s hilarious (judge me for my sense of humor I dare you).


My friend helped me make grad posters and omg I wouldn’t have been able to finish if it wasn’t for her.


Remind me to never make friends with upperclassmen cuz a). I’ll be sad when they leave and b). The goddamn grad posters that never seem to end.

Can I just add how I have absolute shit grades and I’m ending this year on a terrible note. I know I need to stop putting myself down and being so negative but just when I get my hopes up they’re shot down again and ugh I’m just so frustrated skskslodndnmd.
Ignore this whole angsty paragraph, I hope y’all are having a nice week.

Hopefully I will be posting everyday or every other day once summer starts, I can’t wait to shoot more looks and work on art pieces 🙂



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