Way back in summer last year, I chopped off 13 inches of my so-called mermaid hair to donate. It was a drastic change and part of me was upset that my hair just did not look as I wished it to be. Originally, I wanted an off the shoulder bob length hair but being on dance team I wasn’t allowed to. I settled with the shoulder length hair and let it grow out…until I told myself it was about time for some new hair action.
Maybe it was fate or just luck but when I was getting my hair cut, the lady next to me was a cancer patient who was worrying about losing her hair. It fascinated me to see her hairstylist reassure her and all the knowledge she had about cancer and the long process of hair loss and recovery. She mentioned how people identify themselves with their hair and clothes which I definitely agree with. I’ve never had my hair cut this short but it feels right.

I love my new hair and I honestly don’t feel like growing it out. It makes me excited when I think about all the short haired characters I can dress up as during Halloween 🙂
I’ll be sending in my 10 inches of hair to Pantene or the American Cancer Society.

I’ll be posting more often really soon once I get out of school, I promise!



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