fashion on the interwebs

We live in time where the world is at our fingertips, and for anyone around the world who wants to stay updated on the fashion industry, it is pretty simple to do so. The following are sites I use on a daily basis to either a). read up about the industry b). go for style inspiration and c). shop or wish I could be shopping.


screenshot polyvore

This is the place to go if you want to put outfits or collections together, without physically having the clothes. For people with limited amounts of money and clothing this is where you can dream up countless looks and essentially create the wardrobe you wish you had. The great thing about this site is that when you are putting together an outfit, every article of clothing is labeled with the price and brand (including a link to the store), so if you find something you like you can easily buy it online.

I don’t post things too often, but you can follow me here.


screen shot chictopia

Fashionistas (that word gives me the irks but I’m gonna use it anyway) from around the world are gathered here to share their outfits and personal style. You can upload your outfit of the days and follow people with similar taste or styles you admire. I used to use Chictopia but I discovered a new site which leads me to…


screenshot lookbook

Sorry Chictopia, I’ve abandoned you for Lookbook! I don’t know what exactly caused me to switch sites because they are basically the same concept. You post your outfits- people can like them, follow/ fan you, and it allows you users to view other styles. It amazes me to see the wide array of personal styles. Follow me!


screenshot stylift

I discovered this site recently, and it is quite addicting especially if you’re into window shopping. It’s an image based site similar to Tumblr and Pinterest, but solely concentrated on CLOTHES. From clothing to shoes, accessories,  you name it- you can find anything here. Your feed differs from the people and trends you follow. It also has every article of clothing linked to buy the product online so you can go from window shopping to a shopping spree in a matter of seconds.


screenshot style

I can’t afford to buy Women’s Wear Daily, so this is where I go to read about current fashion shows, celeb look of the days, and up and coming trends. This is what’s so great about the internet, you may not be at the fashion show but you can certainly watch it over and over online. It is updated daily with new trends and people in the fashion industry, and I think this site is great for anyone that is interested or want to know more about the industry.

Hope this helped!

happy internet-ing,



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