Academy of Art Senior Fashion Show

Just recently I went on a campus tour at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, I fell in love with the facility and courses offered there. I am still a sophomore so some may say it’s a bit early to be looking at colleges but I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad idea to start looking early. It’s exciting to see how there are so many things out there to study- I toured the fashion, fine art, and jewelry schools.


Anyway, back to the fashion show. I was able to receive two tickets after asking my tour guide whether I had to buy a ticket to watch the showcase. She said she could probably send me an invitation and she was right- two days later I had an invite in my email. I dragged Jennica along knowing she would enjoy the show.


Angelina and Margherita Missoni spoke at the opening of the show, they were offering three extremely lucky students internships to Missoni.

Image  Image

Jennica and I were filming bits and pieces of the show- it was so terribly embarrassing re-watching these clips because we repeatedly say, “Oh my”, “OH MYGOD, “Ohhh my goodness this is my favorite so far omg”. We have the vocabulary of a 10 year old when it comes down to certain situations where we feel extremely excited and hyper about something.

IMG_3559  IMG_3557

IMG_3555  IMG_3554

This neon and fringe collection really stood out because of the colors- I loved it.


Seeing all these embroidered and beaded pieces made me question if the students bought fabric or if…they painfully sewed on every single bead??? I’m hoping they used premade fabric but if they didn’t they deserve some major kudo points.

aoa embroidered blue aoa embroidered pink top aoa embroidered pink aoa blue detail aoa body white

aoa child 2   aoa child

These kids were the cutest thing, the audience loved them and everyone (as you can see in the photo above) would not stop taking pictures.

I was impressed by how professional these models were, not one of them broke into a smile through the entire runway.

aoa child detail


I find this photo hilarious


look at how annoyed the guy behind us looks- we were being complete fobs… oops

Jennica and I unintentionally dressed in neutrals- both peach based!



On me: Top-handmade, Skirt-Love Culture, Cardigan-Grandma’s, Socks-Target, Jellies-Boohoo

aoa top view ootd

aoa more selca

We got home around 10:30, not too bad for a school night 🙂

aoa in front of sign

This is the most fun I’ve had in while, and seeing all these seniors gave me the vision of someday having my own work walking down the runway. The night went by so quickly it’s still hard believing that it actually happened- but we have the pictures to prove it! I have yet to attend more shows in future, it’s really inspiring to see how much the students put into their pieces to have it presented.

Still dreaming,

x Rino


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