This is a very belated post, I just could not find the time to make this post- things have been pretty hectic around here! Nonetheless I had a wonderful day and I am one lucky person to be surrounded by all these special people to celebrate my 16th birthday. It’s unbelievable how much love and time people spend on me and for that I am very grateful.

…as much as I wanted to sleep all day on my birthday my family had other ideas. They woke me up at 9:30 and told me to get dressed because we were leaving in 20 minutes.

speed changing!!

bday outfit

***do you see my new (knock-off) Jellies???? lookbook coming soon***







Knowing it was my birthday, the restaurant set up a desert plate with a little bit of everything!



making a wish…


My family is quite adorable they chose my theme color as blue (though my favorite color is pink…) and all dressed in different shades of blue!




Gold-medal ribbon (caramel/vanilla) ice cream cake to top it all off~

I don’t have pictures for it but my mom got these really cool spark candles, they were like fire crackers!

At first I though my parents were taking me to my favorite crepe restaurant, or Hobbees (a local pancake shop), or IHOP even, but I was wrong.

It was our first time going to La Foret, a french restaurant hidden in the middle of nowhere

(you wouldn’t know it was a restaurant unless you paid attention to the signs!! it’s a hidden gem)


My day wasn’t over just yet- my family and old childhood friends surprised me 🙂

I had NO idea this was happening (hence, my very stylish sweats) and got all teary eyed to see my friends.

My boyfriend also dropped by soon after and we finally had time to just sit down and talk- with school coming to an end and all, we’ve both been too busy to make plans and go out.

-show & tell post for part 2 of my birthday goodiness will be next-



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