Saturdays have become my favorite day of the week, not only because it is the beginning of the weekend but because I get to spend 3 hours in a studio painting away. My class picked up oil paints about a month or so ago, and I LOVE it. Starting off with graphite, I was uneasy and not so confident with my work but as time went by and I moved onto oils, I began to have more fun with this new medium. It’s a different experience to experiment with color, and I find joy in using different techniques and textures.

The following are works from the past month~



unfinished cylinder… round objects are my weakness -_-



Can we just talk about my tragic Pear story?

It hurts to even look at this still-life because it brings back not so good memories.

The apple I painted before was my first time using color so I ended up getting a lot of help from my teacher, the pear was the first time I was independently painting something. My instructor actually showered me with compliments that I was improving and how he really liked my style of painting- all was good.

And then my painting dropped (while it was wet yes did i say this story was tragic) and the pear, ONLY the pear got completely wiped out.


Obviously you can see my weak attempts at bringing back to life the pear that once was a fine looking pear.



I learned that I hate and absolutely DESPISE drawing/painting/sketching peppers because of the unusual form it has and how I always struggle when it comes to this particular vegetable. Nonetheless, this piece is probably my favorite piece of work by far 🙂


That’s all for now, yesterday I finished another still-life but that one is still in the studio drying (since I definitely do NOT want another repeat of my sad pear incident)

Until then, stay tuned!



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