Happy Birthday Christina!

Another one of my best friends who welcomed her 16th birthday today. On my blog she is known as the “one who showed me exo” but let me tell you there is a lot more than that obviously. Christina, I don’t think you’ll ever see this but I love you and I am so lucky to know you. I hope we were able to make your Sweet 16 a good one.

Since this IS a style blog, the following are some of my favorite looks from her ^_^


Throwback OOTD to Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary showing. She dressed up as a Dalek! (dress is from Hot Topic)



are there possibly any Whovians followings me??


Isn’t she cute?? bahahah this was her choir outfit for Valentine’s Day serenades. The top is from Urban (I know this because it’s mine), not quite sure about the rest- floral crown is handmade.


friends!! yet another throwback to Winter Formal~ aren’t they gorgeous??



Well well well, it has been lovely getting to know this feisty lovable ball of craziness that I know as Christina, and I am excited about all the memories we will make in the coming years. I know this isn’t the usual fashion post but this one is SPECIAL~

Love you girl :*



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