UPDATE: Friday Rambles

Heyyyyy i changed my theme! I like it, it’s super clean but I’m starting to think this theme doesn’t quite fit the kind of blog I’m running. I’m contemplating whether I should buy a theme or not… none of them really pop out to me though.

Spring break is officially here and I am in a state of pure bliss. I took a nice long nap which surprisingly helped me refuel my energy and continue making some nick nacks (just some jewelry, patches and hair accessories- I’ll be making another post for that soon). Maybe it’s the nice spring weather that we’re blessed with but there’s something that’s putting me in such a fine mood, and fueling me to create all these things.

As someone who loves any form of art, physical or emotional whether it’s presented in dance, music, or literature creative people inspire me in a way I can’t exactly put into words. Recently, I found a Japanese fashion vlogger named Elleanor. She works in HARAJUKU (it’s the ultimate DREAM, the district is devoted to creative people with individual style)  and has a unique sense of style that I absolutely adore and look up to. She is part of the Tokyo Fashion group on Youtube and makes weekly videos about her life in Tokyo.

Labrat Sweater in Harajuku

Kinji Bomber Jacket with Pins

Pins & Badges

Fried Egg Bag

Yip Yip Yip Leggings

Colorful Nail Art

HER NAILS @_@ I am on the hunt for a). a nail artist that is skilled to do this for me b). more nail polish for myself so I can attempt pretty designs c). become ambidextrous so I don’t have to struggle painting my right hand.

I really admire her confidence and individuality that I don’t see enough of here. She’s inspiring me to wear less black this year… and more color. I’ve always seen myself as a pretty confident person but I still hide my true style, not comfortable yet with wearing what i actually want to wear to school. It’s mainly because I’m afraid of the remarks I’ll get from fellow peers and teachers. But life is too short to be worrying about what other people think of you, right? I’m trying to hold a more carefree attitude, I know it’ll help me feel better in general too.

<br />
.<br />

Anyway back to Elleanor. Her videos make me really miss Japan… just seeing Elleanor talk about all the events, food, music, people, the CULTURE. Being raised in California, I’m deprived of the social views and trends that only people in Japan can experience which is one of the reasons why I am so interested (more like obsessed) with Japanese culture.

<br />
elleanor, 18<br />

<br />
elleanor, 18<br />

The fact that she’s from SINGAPORE (born there just like me!) and is fluent in both Japanese and English is a complete bonus. Meeting her someday is definitely on my list of Things to do Before I Die.

Elleanor, you have gained another fan girl.

…and now I am craving some Krispy Kreme or some other junkie food which is far too late to get at 11 P.M. sighs.


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