My 2014 Spring Must-haves

Spring Must-haves
Spring is right around the corner and that means… cleaning out those sweaters and and fuzzy socks to make room for airy, fresh clothing. I’m already sensing a problem, now that I’m gravitating toward florals, lace, pastels… everything of which I do not currently have in my wardrobe.
Winter means cold, and cold means laziness. I either go pure lazy with a sweater and leggings or occasionally fancy when I feel like making the effort. Spring just makes me a happier person. Maybe it’s because the days are longer, brighter, and warmer.
Anyway, I have yet another dilemma. SHOES. Jelly’s are big this spring and summer and I’m already hopping on the bandwagon. It’s the ultimate symbol of childhood (and who wouldn’t want to walk around in those squishy, comfy sole sandals?)
My question is: Black or White? My collection of black shoes is building…and I wouldn’t mind adding another pair to the family but sometimes I think change is good. And then I start questioning whether I can pull of white sandals with the current clothes I have now…
Too many choices, not enough of money. As of now, I’m leaning toward white just because it would go with pastels better and also because I think a different color shoe will help create a  new style for me.
~Happy Spring Awakening~
P.S If you’re wondering where I gathered these photos from, I used Polyvore. I don’t make that many sets/collections on a daily basis but I may start using it more often because it’s so useful
(and the clothes are endless!)

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