On Friday last week I went to “Discarded to Divine”, a recycled fashion exhibit. Local artists from the Bay gathered together and created an exhibit for everyone- for free! This event was hosted at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. Every Friday at the Museum is free admission. I thought it would be a great idea for me to get some inspiration from fellow stylists who have a passion for creating things.

sfw dinner

sfw donut

I’m lucky SF is only an hour away from where I live, it’s a quick drive when there are events I want to attend. On the go dinners are my favorite- nothing fancy but just enough to fill an empty stomach. Eggs and tuna wraps from Whole Foods and the yummy donut from Paris Baguette.

sf driving

sf sunset

sf exhibit view

There were actually a lot more people than I was expecting. It was kind of a mush of a club and a craft fair because there was music blasting from the speakers (even accompanied by a bar) but the main focus of the event was the handcrafted pieces.

sf dress one

This silk dress had a chain of paper rolls and beads layered over it. This number caught my eye because instead of using other clothes to create a new piece, it literally transformed recycled Vogue paper into fashion.

sf dress two

sf kimono

“Silk Kimono”

sf plaid

“Flannel Jacket”

sf london

sf favorite

My favorite out of all the ones I saw that night- Geometric structures AND lace? The gray-blue silk material doesn’t hurt either.

sf scallops

Scallops! This would be a great diy project if I can find a nice blazer or jacket of the sort.

sf museum store

sf museum store stairs

sf paintings

sf denim

I thought this was absolutely genius, using denim waistbands as layered ruffles. Her entire collection is centered around using denim.

sf parking

sf night

Goodnight, San Francisco


P.S Anticipate MY own recycled fashion piece, coming very soon!


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