While models don their beautiful pieces down the runway, I personally enjoy the street style seen at fashion weeks. The following are a multitude of different styles in Seoul, Korea. Photography credits


sol 1

~This is my favorite out of all the looks~

I’ve been eyeing her Zara top for a while now, so when I saw her outfit I was even more head-over-heels. The gold hardware on her shoes, sunglasses, and clutch are a perfect touch to add a more formal taste. Can I have her outfit please?

sol 2

Purple socks to add a pop of color? All the yeses. I’m loving the overalls and suspenders trend this year, I need to get my hands on some so I’ll be ready for spring and summer.

sol 3

The moment I saw this look, I instantly thought “She is so lucky to be able to wear fur”. Us Californians are blessed with nice weather year round, but we barely get a feel of winter. I own a fur shoulder wrap that is waiting to be worn, but I don’t think I’ll be styling it in this weather anytime soon.

sol 4

The blue quilted fabric adds a new twist to a typical blazer and creates a more casual style. The black and blue contrasts really well, and I love how she matched her clutch, nails, and blazer.

sol 5 sol 6

(ノ^_^)ノ more cute people that are dressed so nicely!

And did I mention how snazzy the two guys look. Double points for man clutches. I’m also super jealous of the adorable couple.

sol 7

Swag, swag, swag on you. Did I just say that?

Nonetheless this guy knows the way to wear tartan, kudo points to you.

Happy Friday everyone!





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