Seoul Fashion Week: ARCHE

This collection was introduced in January but I recently discovered them because of sfw- this post is dedicated to Arche as a new face in the fashion world.

I have to begin with an apology for not keeping up with my posts, (WordPress actually sent me an email saying it’s time for a new post) school and life just got in the way. Anyway, SFW started last week and I could not contain my excitement because #1. fashion weeks are always nice to keep an eye out for #2. EXO performed the opening show. I think I’ll be dedicating a whole other post for that…

The highlights of SFW for me would definitely be Arche’s Spring Collection. Clean, crisp forms and designs are big right now and Arche knew just the way to do it. They incorporated chunky platform sandals, sheer material, and cut outs all of which I am craving to wear in the coming spring.

The collection was centered around the leaf and rope pattern, accompanied by white or black.

The theme that designer Yoon Choon Ho had in mind was modern femininity, inspired by the roses of Versailles.

The same silhouettes are used in both black and white but the bustier cutouts give such a different vibe, and I’m in LOVE.

Such playful models, and their hair!!

>You can watch the full show here<

that’s it for today, thanks for reading~



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