MUST HAVE: Sheer collared Dress

i came across this wonderful website that has the most “kawaii” clothes to exist. All the pieces are definitely imported from Japan, China, and Korea so the shipping is a little pricey but I think some of the clothes are definitely worth the splurge.


i found the most perfect layering piece for any season, especially spring and summer.


i can style this with SO MANY THINGS and it’s not the usual piece you see people wearing.


i am in desperate need of this dress but here’s the big question:



black is my color just because it’s so versatile and i know it’ll work well with what i already have in my closet but…

spring is coming and the white is so clean and fresh which i think would be a great addition to my wardrobe…

currently trying to find a replica of it but at a cheaper price. the dress itself is 26$ but with shipping it’s 32$

is it really worth it..?

decisions, decisions, help!


P.S Storenvy is a very addicting shopping site


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