Art: A Work in Progress

No matter how strange or exaggerated this may sound, my life has looked up ever since I started taking art classes. It’s a new kind of happy- one that I haven’t felt in a while. It gives me absolute joy and contentment to just sit for three hours and create something on paper. My teacher always says, “Art is a form of magic, you create something to look 3D using a 2D surface!” and it’s absolutely true. I’m always mesmerized watching artists paint or draw something because it’s like they pull things out of thin air. Before you know it what once was a blank canvas is changed to a completely new dimension.




Some charcoal drawings I’ve worked on recently, the fruit bowl was the first time I worked with charcoal. I’m starting out with simple still life and soon I’ll be working on oil paintings! It’s nice to see improvement especially after the fabric study (the realization that my first two background fabrics look pretttyyyy bad compared to my most recent work…)

Happy arting- xoxo


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