Hairstyles- a Dilemma

Being on dance team restricts me from cutting my hair- it must be long enough to tie into a bun. I don’t mind having medium length hair, it’s easy to handle and there’s not much that needs to be done to tame it. But it gets boring. I envy the people that can pull of a pixie cut or a short bob for that matter. Over time I’ve accumulated a folder full of hair styles because I CRAVE a new style and a new color.


I would absolutely LOVE to have pink hair- I find especially flamingo pink to rose red eye catching.


I think my first step to change my hair style would be getting bangs. My friends refuse to let me get them but I think I will this summer. I’ve had my side part forever and it’s getting old.



I find this cut so clean and chic, it’s not something I would get but it suits the model so well.



This guy’s hair game is on point.


If I were to cut my hair short this would be hands down my first choice.


Look at all that voluminous hair! So gorgeous, plus I love the perm.


If I ever wimp out of getting a short cut, I would definitely opt for a short bob.Image

Short, voluminous, and a bit of a wave. Starting to see a pattern here?


By the way, the first and last three cuts are from DaB Hair Salon. I came across their wonderful blog one day on tumblr. You can view their page here.

Now I’m contemplating whether to keep growing my hair out until it’s mermaid length again… I’ll get bangs sooner or later this year though!

Decisions, decisions…


A hair post would not be complete without a dose of exo. They’ve all got unique styles and colors so enjoy some fairy Luhan hair.

hair luhan pink hair luhan pinkk hair luhan pinkkk


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