“I want to…”

Not the usual style post but a mush of a little rant and a reminder to turn dreams into a reality.

Dear Future Rino,

School sucks ass and you know it but you can’t let them get you down.

Reach for the fucking stars even if it means losing some sleep because you won’t regret it.

Remember there’s always coffee.

You are capable of straight A’s along with a 4.0 GPA if you wanted to.

But that’s not your main goal in school right?

Your goal is to learn and grow and create a network of loving people.

Network of loving people- check that baby off the list.

I want to make art. charcoal, pencil, acrylic, using new mediums on different surfaces just art.

I don’t want to just make art though. I want to be good enough so that I can call myself an artist.

I want to learn to become a better sewer.Just like my mama and grandma and great grandmama.

I want to make a stop motion film.

I want to know the fashion history front and back and understand why style cycles the way it does.

I want to go to New York Fashion Week and meet all those fashionistas.

Someday I’ll be one of those fashionistas.

I want to learn Italian or French no matter how stereotypical it might sound- so I can fly around to Paris and Milano and survive without looking like a lost puppy.

I want to inspire girls with similar dreams like me that anything IS possible and we are all capable of succeeding whatever it is you want to succeed in life.

I want my own clothing line (made for girls, boys, people in between, of all sizes and shapes so no one has to cry looking for a pair of jeans.)

I (secretly) want to marry someone that will let me design our house…

I want to stop doing things for college. Why give up dance when it is and has been your passion for the past 12 years?

I want my work to be successful and well known as Paul Smith and Coco Chanel, Phillip Lim and Alexander Wang- leaving a mark forever on the fashion industry.

Now I need to turn these “I wants” into “I can” and “I will”. Because you are so fully capable of accomplishing all these things and you can’t let a couple of your teenage years just ruin it for you. You are still so young- don’t give up so quickly and stop doubting yourself on whatever you do. Go try out for that officer position if you want to, go take new classes in both dance and art even if you need to mingle and make new friends. Don’t let anything ever stop you from getting what you want. Good luck future Riri, I hope you’re HAPPY. Pure bliss is what I’m aiming for actually.


make sure mom and dad and ruri know how much you love them. Sometimes you are such an asshole and you need to remind yourself that without them you wouldn’t be here. Be thankful for them understanding parents- not everyone is blessed like that.


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