BELATED: Summer Lookbook 2013

This post is much delayed, but if ya’ll are looking for some inspiration, here we go. Note that these outfits were all taken before I had my hair cut, so enjoy my long locks 🙂 Image

Bonjour, je’ mappelle Rino. I’ve had this t-shirt for about 2 years without wearing it because I had to stitch my name onto it. This summer I finally got around to getting my shirt done, and I’m much pleased with the outcome.Image

This is the photo you see that is also used as my title cover, taken by the one and only Maddy.




Going along with the huge high-low/asymmetrical trend, I’ve been loving my royal blue skirt from h&m.


Pink+Black-The Combo

Probably one of my favorite two colors to wear together, I always get the Avril Lavigne vibe when I pull on my combat boots and black skirt.



Definitely my go-to tee when I’m lacking inspiration and motivation to look nice. Anyone recognize the print? Bought this baby a year back when UNIQLO had the Andy Warhol collab collection.


Not quite the typical combat boot, they’re ankle tall as you can tell, I’ve been on the hunt for some taller combat boots. I’ve had my eyes on the studded Steve Madden booties, just one of the many shoes I want but will never get.


Silver studs+ fringe= 8 bucks. I’m sold. This is why I love h&m so much.


This look would be ideal for a shopping date with some friends, or going out to lunch. If its too hot to wear a knit beanie, ditch the hat and wear some nice shades.


Flower Girl

I’ve worn this skirt far too many times this summer, and I don’t regret it a single bit. From the silhouette to the pattern, everything about it seems perfect.



This number may or may have not been meant to be worn to a music festival, no flower crowns needed.


Vibrant colors and patterns make me so happy, I can’t tell you how much I love this skirt.


Black+WhiteA Dash of Blue

Just another out on the town look. I was  inspired to pair this black and white stripey circle skirt with my other pieces because monochrome is another big trend this summer. I feel like a full outfit that only consists of black and white is very polished, so I decided to add my booties and blue shirt. To add some texture I’m wearing the same lace tanktop from h&m (as shown in the previous outfit).





Boho Babe- Another look that may be music fest worthy. Complete with a headband and a flowy silhouette.


If you haven’t tried the high-low trend, you can ease into it with a mini asymmetrical dress. Wearing gray in the summer is unique and different. There are so many ways to wear this dress, I may end up featuring it in another post. (dress is from h&m)




This is why I don’t model- starring me.


The “Sporty Chic” trend has been going around, and I decided to make my take on it. Outfit complete with Soffe shorts and chucks.


This lace top goes with anything and everything, so glad I picked it up at my local thrift store.


Soffe shorts are the best transition from pj’s to outdoors, really!


Converse always lets you look casual in style.




Hope these looks inspired you to have fun in the sun, embrace summer while it lasts! xx

All  of these lovely photos were taken by my wonderful camera-lady, check out her blog here.


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