My Little Adventure

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted, but I have returned from my little journey! If you follow me on instagram you’ve probably seen a bajillion posts of me in L.A. It’s tough when you’re broke and everything and anything you want in LA is crazy expensive, but this is why thrift shops exist. The amount of vintage/ antique/thrift stores are mind boggling, it just gave me another reason to wish I had more money. Nonetheless, you can always have a good time if you spend it with the right people. In my case: family. It all began in a car ride driving home from the supermarket when my mom said out of the blue, “What if we drove down to L.A today, just for the hell of it?” She said this jokingly of course, in which my dad took seriously and agreed that this was a great idea.  And so it began. Our impromptu L.A trip.


Books are an essential wherever I go, especially on long road trips. The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides was definitely a good read. 4 1/2 stars. (I’m not going to go in detail about how beautifully written this book was for such a depressing book)


DAY 1: Tank-H&M, Bandeau- Nordstrom, Skirt-H&M, (you can’t see but) Sandals-Japan I wanted to look dressed up since it was our plan to roam around the city and visit art museums. Oh yeah and big surprise, my HAIR! Yes, yes I finally had the guts to chop off my hair. (More detail about this special event coming soon)


I wanted to take a look at the exhibitions of FIDM’s Museum Gallery but it was closed off and only open for students when I went. Found these gems right outside though, I think a wedding or some special event was going to be held there later that evening.


I was a little discouraged on not being able to see the extravagant costumes displayed at the gallery (FIDM), but we decided to make a trip to the LACMA. (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). This place was filled with all styles of art, it was interesting to walk around the gallery trying to decipher what each piece meant.


DAY 2: Lace top-same from yesterday, Skirt- Thrifted, Shirt-Uniqlo, Sandals- Japan

This time we hit Venice Beach and shopped around the little boutiques and select shops. I ended up buying myself and my sister 2 crystals that I can make into a necklace. A DIY of that will be uploaded sooner or later in the future.


There are so many abstract murals in Venice Beach, I loved taking a walk around that area. (Except some streets do look a little sketchy…) Local artists come and go to present their masterpieces publicly, I love that it adds a touch of LA culture to the city.


To conclude our little trip we stopped by the Mitsuwa Japanese Supermarket and picked up our bento lunches. The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffennegger is another great read, haven’t finished it yet though. I need to make a mental note to watch the movie once I finish the book.

This post is too dramatically long for such a short trip but I hope you had a taste of my little adventure 🙂 xx


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