Sunday Funday: Japanese Style OOTD

Unlike most weekends where I just stay inside and relax all day, I actually went out of town for once. We hit San Francisco, just an hour long drive and visited Japan Town. There was an event going on where if you wear a kimono or yukata (traditional Japanese clothing), you get discounts from certain stores! Everyone loves a nice deal, right?



It was an awfully nice day today so a lot of the pictures are bright. Entire outfit is from Japan, and my famous milkbraid has made another appearance.


I couldn’t help but pop that leg and throw up a peace sign, after all that is one of the most popular poses in the Japanese culture.


I may or may not be posting a tutorial on this hairstyle, but I learned how to do this from Jenn Im on clothesencounters.


I love the pink and green contrast for my bow, and the subtle butterflies just lift up my mood!



Red lips finish the look. Lipstick is 325 Cinnamon Stick from Maybelline.

Thanks for reading!xx

All photos taken by the one and only Maddy, personal camera-lady.


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