The Magician Behind the Madness

You may be wondering who is behind the camera for all my pictures, so I decided to switch spots with my camera-lady Maddy today.



Got some sassy face going on there.


Loving the cut outs of this dress,definitely one of my favorite trends this summer. Her dress is from Wet Seal-$25, denim jacket from Forever 21-$25.


To add a pop of color we added a bright red bow and red toms. DIY bow tutorial will be up soon!


Maddy’s got a whole lot of hair so we decided to braid her bottom layers and hide them so we wouldn’t have to curl her entire head. This is a smart trick to use if you don’t feel like curling all your hair.


I really am so glad that we’ve become best friends over the years, from dance to school to taking hundreds of pictures of me, she’s been by my side through it all.


You’ll be seeing a lot more of Maddy here on this blog in the future, so stay tuned! Meanwhile she has her own photography blog so check it out here.



BOO! Keep smiling, xx


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