Current Obsession: Jhameel

Last week a close friend of mine (also the photographer of all these wonderful pictures) showed me a song called White Lie by Jhameel. Name sounds kind of weird right? Well don’t be one to judge just by hearing his title because his voice and performance is beyond amazing.

I know he seems pretty fierce and badass but this is only a clip from Shadow of a Man, watch more of his music videos and you’ll realize he has that fuzzy heart inside him.

YUP. That’s still him. Drunk. And apparently cuter. Loving that single earring by the way.  Every time he hits a certain number of subscribers he does a drunk live performance and it’s probably one of the best things I’ve seen.

I just need to mention his amazing music video for “How Many Lovers”. Loved how he encorporated face paint to tell the story, and the upbeat tune just makes me wanna smile and dance.

Ya’ll should check out his music here. Some of my personal favorites are the covers of “Sweet Dreams”, “Thinking bout you”, and “Staying Alive. Can’t forget his original music though, “Shut Up”, “Waves”, “White Lie”, and “How Many Lovers” have been on repeat for the last couple of days. Happy blogging, xx


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