Nifty Thrifting- Recent Finds

Two weeks ago a close friend brought me to a charity shop called “The Thrift Box” which I’ve never been to, and I am so glad that I went. Lately stores like Goodwill and Savers charge a lot more than they used to so I’ve been avoiding thrifting for a while. This little shop didn’t have a huge selection of clothing but definitely had the BEST selection I’ve seen in a while. From tops to bottoms there were pieces worth paying for and surprisingly had my size. The service there was great, and I loved the overall vibe of the store.

Besides apparel I love looking through the little knick knacks and old records. I was surprised to find that vinyls were only a buck a pop so I decided to sift through and see what I would find.



I was overjoyed when i found this gem. Just from looking at the cover the tune of Edelweiss plays in my head, and memories of dancing along to “Sixteen going on Seventeen” for my ballet performance fills my head with nostalgia.


Yet another golden find. This piece is not for me but for a friend that love love loves this movie, I’m thinking about giving it to her on her birthday.


My excitement continued when I realized this is a double album and has gorgeous pictures from the movie. Grease lightning, ohh grease lightning…


As I proceeded searching for my friend’s presents, I realized this floral print picture frame was absolutely perfect to put a picture of us in.  Nowadays, our generation can take pictures with a few touches of the hand, but I think it’s always nice to have a physical copy to have in your room.


I guess my lucky thrifting fairy was with me that day because lo behold, I found a birthday badge!

Since my friend is such a girly girl I was thinking about giving her a birthday crown but I changed my mind right after I found this cute little pin.


Saved the best for the last. Lace tee’s are a great way to incorporate some fanciness while keeping that casual vibe, since the silhouette of a tee is so simple but the lace adds a feminine touch. Lace is such a timeless trend and I was so excited when I found this piece!


Out of the countless thrifting trips I’ve taken, this one stands out high above because of how lucky I was to find such great pieces for my wardrobe. I’ve been on the hunt for maxi skirts lately, I love how effortless and free I feel whenever I wear long skirts. When I spotted this botanical flower print skirt, I didn’t fall in love instantly. I was holding back a bit, wondering if this huge floral print was too much, but the second i tried it on I knew this skirt was going to be mine. Surprisingly it fits perfectly and I don’t need to hem the bottom either 🙂 Keep your eye out for these two pieces, the pictures don’t do them any justice so they’ll be featured in my future outfit of the days.


If you’re a book worm like me, always remember to check the bookshelf, you are guaranteed to find great deals. I’ve heard wonderful reviews about this book and movie so I’m excited to read it

2 vinyls, $2.00+ Picture frame, 50 cents+ Birthday Badge, 50 cents+ Lace Tee, $3.00+ Botanical Floral Skirt, $6.00+ Life of Pi Book, 50 cents= $12.50 well spent!

Happy thrifting, xx


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